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DFW Metroplex Open Tournament, Grapevine, Texas - May 18-20, 2012

The weekend started with me making the USA Team to attend the Winmau World Masters in Hull, England which will be held October 11-14, 2012.

Friday - ADO Nationals:  Masters

For the Winmau World Master qualifier, I was able to finish first in the opening bracket.  I played solid but also caught a couple breaks with some guys missing a couple doubles.

In the final group, 8 guys played off for the 4 spots which made up the US Team.  In the first round I played Robbie Phillips and won 3-0.  My next 4 matches all went 2-1 in my favor and I was looking good. But then I lost my last 2 matches 0-3 which put me in a 3 person playoff for 2 spots.  I was able to re-group and win both games to finish 3rd and gain one of the USA World Master spots!!  This will be my 3rd time heading over to the Masters and I am really excited about going back after playing the PDC for a few years. Also, congrats to DJ Sayre, Joe Huffman, Joe Chaney, Shea Reynolds and Bette Cunningham for making the team!! 

Friday – Mixed Doubles and Blind Draw

Later Friday I played the mixed doubles with Christina Cummings and lost a close match in the 2nd round. 

I decided to end the day by playing the blind draw.  I drew a great partner, Moon and we made it to the final losing 2-1 with me missing 3 darts from 24.  It was a long day with a lot of darts thrown. 

Cricket and 501 Doubles

In the double events I teamed back up with Allen Nutter who I had not played with in a long time.  We played solid both days. For the Cricket Doubles we finished top 8 and for the 501 Doubles, we won!  Great darts pal!! 

501 Singles

In the singles I lost a well played match to Brian Blake.  Brian took out 381 with 9 darts for 2-1 win with me sitting on 76. 

The tournament was very well ran in a nice hotel with awesome food within walking distance so think I will be heading back, if possible!!